Monday, 21 February 2011

Katy Perry kicks off her "California Dreams" tour in Portugal.

Last night, Mrs. Brand began her candy-inspired tour in Portugal, giving a performance of all her greatest hits.

I didn't go to the show myself, although I will be going to see her in March! Video evidence on YouTube proves her vocals were spot-on as per usual, in an awesome performance of her ballad "Not Like The Movies", which you can check out here:

"The stage was comprised with all things sweet, including a candy cane staircase and big bright lollipops as her backdrop." The Daily Mail says.

Katy also tweeted that she is getting into the theme of the tour by eating fresh cotton candy as her "pre-show ritual snack."

When I go to the California Dreams tour next month, I will be sure to post a full concert review!

Ollie :) x

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